Protect your health care worker – a sign at every hospital entrance

I posted earlier regarding the need for an airport program for patients traveling from West Africa.  It took a few days after the first case in Dallas for the authorities to put something like that in place.

That post also noted the lack of preparedness of the US health care institutions to combat Ebola at this time.  The sense of urgency has just not been there.  Till there is excellent awareness and training in place there is a need to divert any suspected Ebola case away from the regular intake process in hospitals.  Otherwise we will have many more mishaps like the ones in Dallas.

Supervision for Social Workers

In today’s podcast, I talk about some basic concepts in supervision. I define administrative, clinical and supportive supervision, talk about differential uses of supervision, including improvement of clinical services and issues of liability. I also address the ethical standards for social workers providing supervision. Like many of the Social Work Podcasts, much has been written about the topic of supervision – more than can be covered in this short podcast. If you are interested in learning more about supervision or becoming a supervisor, schools of social work like the University of Texas at Austin and Smith College School of Social Work have continuing education programs dedicated to training clinical supervisors. There are dozens of independent continuing education programs as well as books and articles on the topic. If you just want to dip your feet into the field of supervision, you might take some TAFE courses just to get an idea of what it would be like. As always links to further readings and resources can be found at the Social Work Podcast website at Today’s podcast on supervision addresses a topic that is relevant to social workers at all stages of their career. It also sets the stage for an upcoming three part series on phone supervision in which I’ll be talking, over the phone, with two clinical social workers who provide phone supervision and consultation. The final episode in the series is an interview with a social worker who received phone supervision towards an advanced license because the resources were not available locally.

What post-qualifying education might look like!!!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the need for ongoing professional development and post-qualifying education for youth workers. for us to be the best, the Ultimate Youth Worker’s, we must continue to learn and develop as we progress through our career. However, in Australia there is no requirement for a person who works with young people to hold a qualification, let alone attend professional development!!!
In Australia there is currently no national professional association and very few states have fledgling professional associations for youth workers. Currently, these associations have limited memberships and do not require their membership to have ongoing professional development to maintain their membership. My wife is a psychologist and as such is required to meet a level of ongoing professional development to maintain her registration with her professional association. Some of my mates are social workers and they too have to meet a level of ongoing professional development for registration. Why not youth workers???

Reflections on Teacher Leadership

At the 2011 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) conference I had the privilege of serving on a panel with Patrick Ledesma, Nancy Flanagan, and Jenay Leach.  The topic under discussion was how teachers can influence policy.  Amy Dominello blogged about our panel on “SmartBlog on Leadership” and her post was picked up by Accomplished Teacher SmartBrief.  What follows are edited excerpts from the prepared text of my remarks, which I stand by a year later:

The role of teacher leader is fraught with challenges.  In my union work, it became apparent to me that there are at least two different mutually exclusive definitions.  First, is the definition some superintendents have: a teacher leader is a sort of non-commissioned officer in the chain of command of a district, with a role of carrying out policies determined by higher-ups.  This traditional role includes roles like department chair, and service on district committees, the latter because in a top-down hierarchy administrators merely use committees for cover, so they can lend a sort of pretend legitimacy to their decisions.

Favorite Quotes

“Go forward until apprehended!” – Dennis Van Roekel

“The New Hampshire Grants [AKA Vermont] in particular now abounds in the most active and rebellious race on the continent and hangs like a gathering storm on my left.” – British General John Burgoyne

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.” – Pastor Martin Niemoller

PISA and Poverty: Time for Both/And Solutions

The Program for International Student Assessment results have become a political football for crtics of our public education system.  The United States middle of the pack scores on these international benchmarks are said to be an indication of the “failure” of our public schools, and a threat to national security, a tired narrative that has been repeated since the ascent of neo-liberalism in the 1980’s.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) describes PISA as follows:

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a system of international assessments that focuses on 15-year-olds’ capabilities in reading literacy, mathematics literacy, and science literacy. PISA also includes measures of general or cross-curricular competencies such as problem solving. PISA emphasizes functional skills that students have acquired as they near the end of compulsory schooling. PISA is coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental organization of industrialized countries. Begun in 2000, PISA is administered every 3 years. Each administration includes assessments of all three subjects, but assesses one of the subjects in depth. The most recent administration was in 2009 and focused on reading literacy.

Policy and Antipolicy

Policy is ultimately concerned with building systems and institutions to support human well-being.  For decades, a basic premise of American civic life was that the success of our society rested on a foundation of government providing for the public good.  This consensus was expressed succinctly in the words of the Republican Dwight Eisenhower:

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group of course that believes you can do these things. Among them are a few other Texas oil millionaires and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

Multiple Measures or Multiple Data Points?

Multiple Measures

Perhaps no profession is as endlessly fascinated with evaluation as teaching.  The concepts of transparency and accountability are woven into the very fabric of our work as educators in a way that is unique among professions.  On the one hand this is laudable.

On the other hand it leads to building of elaborate evaluation systems, systems that are costly, time consuming, and which are frequently criticized for efficacy.  Too often these systems became exercises in bureaucratic hoop jumping, disconnected from improvements in actual practice.

Why Professionals in Traditional Craftsmanship Are More Respected Than Ever

In the modern age, we have so many technical devices and things built by robots, that we tend to value these things less. There has been a massive rise in the number of people taking up hobbies that allow them to make their own things, from clothing to furniture, and those with real professional skills who work to make items we consider beautiful are valued more than ever. Here we take a look at why some professions that can be seen as traditional are going from strength to strength:


Royalty free photo

Products We Love for a Lifetime

While we may love our phones and our flat screen TVs, the things we tend to become sentimentally attached to are the same as they have been for generations, and they are things made by true craftspeople and artisans. The latest phone or games console may be an exciting purchase when we first get it and it feels like such a step up from what we had before, but these products are soon superseded, and we don’t tend to feel sad about leaving them behind as we move to the next version. However, things like jewelry, watches, and well crafted furniture and ornaments are things we buy because we fall in love with them, and which we’ll not only keep for a lifetime but may even pass on to our children. It is only natural that we would admire the people who are able to make things that are so beautiful and durable.

Paying for Craftsmanship

While with most of the products we buy, craftsmanship isn’t involved, for others it can be the main thing we are paying for. A natural raw gemstone is worth very little, but when transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry by someone with incredible skill, it can be worth a fortune to us. You can buy a watch for next to nothing that will tell you vaguely what time it is, but a watch made to be incredibly accurate and beautiful by someone who has studied at a Swiss watchmaking school is, for many people, worth paying a hundred times more for. Craftsmanship is not just something we admire from afar – we are willing to pay to have it, and attach prestige to the objects the best craftspeople create.

Rare Skills

Another reason we respect traditional crafts is that these skills are now quite rare. You will find far more iOS app developers than couture dressmakers, and more mobile phone engineers than master carpenters. Even traditional crafts that aren’t as widely needed as these, for instance blacksmiths and ironmongers, have a role to play in the modern world that is interesting to us because it is rare to meet people who are true experts in these kinds of fields.

For young people considering a choice of future career then, it could well be that the trend towards learning crafting skills and the prestige of these professions, may see more kids picking traditional crafts as areas of study.

How Quantum from RL360° could help you prepare for the future

How Quantum from RL360° could help you prepare for the futureMany of us would like to put money aside for the future, but knowing how best to do this can be difficult. One option that might suit your needs is Quantum from RL360°. This flexible but regular savings product can be a highly effective way to build up money. You can check out Quantum reviews online, but for a quick introduction to the policy, and to find out why it may be the perfect savings solution for you, keep reading.

Offering you a disciplined route to increase your wealth

From your children or grandchildren’s university or schooling fees to property repair costs and medical bills, you may have to cover a host of expenses further down the line. There’s also your retirement to consider. Even if you are paying into a pension, you might need additional resources when you stop working to help you maintain the standard of living you want. However, knowing that you should be putting money aside and actually doing it are two very different things. One of the major benefits of Quantum is the fact that it gives you a disciplined route to increasing your wealth. You can start paying into the policy with a minimum premium of just GBP200 a month and once you sign up to the policy, saving will become a regular habit.

Making the most of your money

As a Quantum review will tell you, this product can be tailored to meet your precise investment needs and preferences. In turn, this can help you to optimise your investment and make the most of your money. You can choose from over 150 funds from some of the top fund managers and if you’re registered for RL360°’s online switching service, you can change funds at no cost. You can also take your pick from 7 different currencies, including pound sterling, United States dollars and euro. In addition, you can decide whether to opt for a capital redemption or a life assurance policy.

The importance of seeking financial advice

Because there are so many options available to you, it’s important to seek information and guidance from a financial adviser. These specialists can help you to make the right decisions and they can give you much greater peace of mind. RL360° is aware of the significance of this issue and it only accepts business that is introduced through financial advisers, so this isn’t a step you can skip.

As long as you read the product literature carefully and seek advice where required, Quantum could give your finances a boost and help you to prepare for the future.

Royal London 360° was established in 2008 and it changed its name to RL360° in late 2013 following a management-led buyout. The moved paved the way for growth and in December 2015, the company officially acquired CMI Insurance Company Limited from Lloyds Banking Group, creating a combined group with over GBP7 billion in assets under management.

Tips To Get Your Dream Job

When it comes to finding a suitable job, you will need to have insight about the industry, its norms, ethics and how it operates. The best way in the job search is hiring a recruitment agency, where you will need to understand the importance of having a professional service provider along with considering the following factors:


Quality Not Quantity

While searching for jobs, you would end up with applying for different job positions that may or may not match your area of specialization. The job search would take a lot of time so, why not wait, analyze then make a decision? The first thing you should do is to research on the positions that are available, find out what will be the best suit for your needs and finally, proceed with sending your resume. This way, chances are high that you will get quick responses from the company and some of them may call you for an interview.

Maintaining Record of the Position You are Applying for

Yes, job search process can be a daunting stage- it usually needs hours to thoroughly research, collect information about various companies, know about the vacancies and amend resume accordingly.

Once you apply for 10 positions, would you be able to remember what were they? Obviously not, it’s time to think of maintaining record of the positions you have applied for. The best way is to create a spreadsheet and enter positions along with company names so that you do not send application twice.

Using Social Media

Social media can be a good source to find out what positions companies are offering and what are their requirements. You can follow companies on Twitter, like their pages on Facebook or even log on to their corporate profiles or portfolios on LinkedIn or any other reputed platform. By collecting information from these sources, you can even get motivation to pursue your career.

Personalizing Resume

During your job search, it’s necessary to tailor your resume according to the job skills and responsibilities. Carefully designed your cover letter and try to highlight the best of your best expertise that align with the job description.

For instance, if the company requires a content writer, you have to highlight your experience regarding blog writing and content writing.


If you are interested in working for a certain company, try to find any connection i.e. check your friends list or LinkedIn contacts that if someone is currently working with them. Once found, try to get as much information from them as you can as this will help you in future hiring. You can even use that contact to send your resume to their HR department and increase your chances of being recruited there.

Try to Create A Unique Position!

In job search, you will find the companies have a huge pool of candidates for a certain position. There are a number of applicants having various skills, expertise and experiences to claim their eligibility for the position. So, MSM Group suggests you to grab some skills that can create your separate position and help in winning the race.

Protecting your Business from Chargebacks; what you need to Know

If you do business over the internet, you have probably come across chargebacks. They are everywhere and happen quite often. The challenge is to deal with them; minimize the chance of one occurring or find a way of ensuring that it doesn’t hurt your business.

But first, what is a chargeback?


A chargeback is any disputed transactions. What usually happens is that a customer will look at his or her credit card transactions, notice a few strange charges and launch a complaint with the merchant. Often, if the customer wins, the merchant may be forced to reverse the transaction and the consumer receives his/her money back.

Preventing or minimizing chargeback incidents

Chargeback is a great way for merchants and consumers to resolve some transaction issues especially where the merchant charged the consumer by mistake. However, in recent times, there are a few unscrupulous customers that are taking the advantage to win lotteries from small businesses. They could order an item, use it for a few days and then report that it arrived when broken. Those are the kinds of chargebacks you need to stop. Here are a few tips to help you;

  1. Stick to a DBA (Doing Business As) name

Often, customers may initiate a chargeback claim if they see a business name that they do not recognize.  It is up to you to ensure that customers easily recognize your company when they look at their credit card charges.

  1. Provide your phone so they can contact you

If the customer can’t recognize your business name, allow them to contact you so that you can discuss the issue before they initiate a chargeback claim. Clearly printing your phone number on the customer’s billing statement might help.

  1. Ensure that stolen cards aren’t being used to cash-out at your store

A majority of credit card chargebacks are a result of credit card theft. If a stolen credit card is used at your store, you will be held responsible. Most card chargeback providers such as EMB now protect their products with added security to help in ensuring that stolen cards aren’t being used at your store.

  1. Have a clear refund policy

When all is said and done, you need a clear refund policy that outlines what can be returned. More importantly, ensure that all the goods you ship are clearly marked and try to call the customer in advance before you make the delivery to ask whether the product meets their expectations.


Retail Solutions Advisors is your best resource for retail space for lease in Jacksonville, FL

Let’s face it. There are few things that affect your business’s ability to make sales than its location. If your company is in a location that isn’t convenient for customers to get to or located in an area that is difficult to access, customers are going to go elsewhere to get their needs met. That’s why, if you are in business for yourself, you need to work with a competent real estate company that can handle your retail space needs.

In Florida, the competent real estate firm to work with is Retail Solutions Advisors. Retail Solutions Advisors is a full service real estate company in Florida that can handle many different aspects of property management for property owners and tenants alike. For example, they are the premier retail leasing firm that is dedicated to helping those with Retail Space for Lease In Jacksonville Fl find the right tenants for their space.

At Retail Solutions Advisors, they understand the importance of creating solid relationships between tenants and landlords in the retail space. They also understand that shopping centers and other multi-unit spaces work best when all of the tenants have a common thread and fit together well. Because they work to create better shopping center experiences for customers, they represent a number of highly desirable properties throughout the state of Florida. And, that’s why, if you are a business owner, there is no better resource for your retail space needs than Retail Solutions Advisors.

Retail Solutions Advisors will work with you to better understand not only your current business situation, but your goals and plans for the future. They will then go to work to find the perfect retail space for your business. The space they find will not only fit your needs perfectly today, but will allow you to grow and reach your future goals. In addition to helping you locate the right space, they will also help you negotiate an equitable lease that benefits both you and the landlord. They can also provide leasehold improvements through their commercial real estate development sector so that your space is perfect for your needs. It’s all part of the red carpet service that Retail Solutions Advisors brings to the table.

Stop struggling in a retail space that doesn’t allow you to reach your potential. And stop wasting time with real estate companies that don’t have your best interests at heart. Call Retail Solutions Advisors today and find the right retail space for your needs quickly and more affordably than you might have thought possible. It may just be the most important move you ever make with regard to the future of your company. For more information about the services Retail Solutions Advisors offers or to find out how to make your initial consultation appointment, please visit You’ll be glad you did.

If you are looking for better Retail Space for Lease In Jacksonville Fl, visit Retail Solutions Advisors. They are the leading authority on real estate in Florida.

Video Conferencing Systems – Various Features You Should Consider

Integration of video conferencing system at your office or workplace can be very beneficial for you. If you are planning to do so you must know some of important factors. The whole installation process can be quite expensive. Hence, you must choose the right provider and appropriate plan. You need to list down every requirement before you make a deal so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Video Conferencing Solutions

  • The foremost thing that you will have to decide is the budget and you can do that assessing the necessity and the benefits of video conferencing. The cost will vary in terms of quality, brand and many more things.
  • You must know how many people at your workplace will be supported by the video conferencing system. It is important to know how the system will help you grow in the future.
  • Knowing location of the users is a must whether they are based in remote area or in the main office. You will have to plan how many conference rooms and meeting rooms will be converted into the video conferencing rooms and also their locations.
  • Many companies will provide you IT-support at some extra charge. If you are fortunate to have some IT staff at your workplace then it is a plus.
  • You will have to choose the type of video conferencing you want. Cloud video conferencing is very beneficial and is also affordable. You can also choose the on premise video conferencing that is deployed behind the firewalls. With the help of IT professional you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both the environment and then choose accordingly.
  • You need to determine client devices. There are various types of solutions like conferencing for small group or large group, boardroom conferencing or desktop conferencing. Depending on your business scale and budget, you will have to decide which video conferencing solution will be best for you.
  • One of the important factors to keep in mind while deciding the video conferencing is LAN speed and WAN at your location.

Why is Video Conferencing a Must?

With the advancement in technology, many communication solutions have come up that brings various kinds of benefits to your business.  With the help of video conferencing, you can contact people whom you haven’t met even once. If you need to talk to an official overseas, you can easily do that through video conferencing and save the cost of your travel.

With the installation of video conferencing system you can connect to anyone no matter how far they are. Many video conferencing solutions have now come up and there are also many IT professionals, who can help you get the best solution for your workplace.

It is recommended that you consult some reputed technicians and IT experts, who will guide you through the process. However, it is important that you keep in mind all the factors so that your system doesn’t fail.

Business workshops Melbourne

Business drilling workshops are intended to give you access to crucial business improvement apparatuses and techniques in a gathering setting. Working with different entrepreneurs is turned out to be a greatly effective route for people to rapidly extend their insight and addition knowledge into the way different organizations work.

Our four primary workshops are:

Quarterly Planning Workshop

Deals and Marketing Workshop

Group Training Workshop

Arrangement Workshop

Workshops run consistently.

Quarterly Planning Workshop

The Quarterly Planning Workshop underpins entrepreneurs at 4 key focuses consistently, keeping you on track and in accordance with your Yearly Plan.

Reason: survey accomplishments as they remain in accordance with your Yearly Plan and keep you on track to come to your objectives

You will require: your Yearly Plan. On the off chance that you have not yet built up a Yearly Plan just let me know and I will offer you draw one some assistance with up before the main workshop.

Workshop structure: this half-day workshop keeps running toward the end of every business quarter (March, June, September, December). Customers from all commercial ventures meet up to audit their objectives, share their triumphs and their difficulties and gain from each other and from us.

Perfect for: new and experienced customers. These workshops give an important chance to extraordinary business center to stay on track for the year, and in addition organizing, thought sharing and the feeling of “wellbeing in numbers”!

Deals and Marketing Workshop

The Sales and Marketing Workshop furnishes entrepreneurs with priceless knowledge into how to get the most out of these key regions of their business.

Reason: drawing upon Andrews 5 years experience as a deals and showcasing proficient for extensive organizations in the Aus, this workshop is intended to give you access to industry data and knowledge that you can use to make prompt contrasts to your business

You will require: an ability to take a gander at promoting and deals from another perspective, energy to roll out positive improvement

Workshop structure: this workshop not just furnishes you with industry understanding from experts however it likewise gives you the chance to share your encounters and gain from other little organizations [how long is the workshop?]

Perfect for: all entrepreneurs or staff working in deals and showcasing who need to improve this year even than last

Group Training Workshop and Business Coaching Melbourne.

The Team Training Workshop concentrates altogether on the difficulties you confront inside of your work environment. The sessions are keep running for one business at once permitting you to profile practices and learn why certain individuals work better specifically circumstances or parts.

Reason: this workshop is intended to engage your workforce with the learning and comprehension they have to work all the more viably as a group.

You will require: an ability to learn, listen and share

Workshop structure: TBC

Perfect for: business executives, supervisors, staff groups

Arrangement Workshop

The Alignment Workshop is particularly intended for entrepreneurs who are not yet prepared to tackle coordinated guiding yet at the same time need to profit by the advantages it can give.

Reason: this workshop is intended to give people inside of a business the chance to evaluate the qualities of each other and be guided to adjust these to the advancement and development needs of the business

You will require: no former honing is vital

Workshop structure: the structure of this workshop relies on the requirements of the customer. I regularly work with two executives of a business, adjusting their parts to their qualities and offering them to perceive how every some assistance with canning most advantage their business. Just as, I have worked with little gatherings inside of administration, helping them to better convey the objectives of the business and empower staff to adjust to these.

Try Elite Business workshop Melbourne

A Brief Introduction to Metal Pressing

Metal stamping – often referred to as metal pressing– is an industrial process used to manufacture metallic parts and components for almost every purpose and application imaginable. Where heavy machinery, electronics or structural components are used, it’s largely certain that metal stamping has played a role in their manufacture. There’s even a somewhat smaller-scale ‘manual’ type of metal stamping, in which hand tools are used to create personalised jewellery and other accessories.

On an industrial scale, metal stamping is carried out using extremely sophisticated and incredibly powerful machinery. The actual presses used to stamp the metals into place apply pressure of anywhere from 10 tonnes to 400 tonnes to the blanks or sheets in question, which in turn manipulates the metal into the required shape. The process returns components of exceptional quality, strength and integrity, making them ideal for use in an endless variety of commercial and industrial settings.

Just a few examples of the kinds of industries and sectors dependent on metal pressing include agriculture, aerospace, the military, the construction sector, electronic manufacture and many more. The technology used in metal pressing processes has evolved and developed enormously over the years, but the basic approach to the process is in many ways exactly the same as it was, many generations ago. When it comes to creating metallic components of the highest possible quality, there are few alternative methods that come close.

How it Works

As already touched upon, the purpose of metal stamping is to produce components most often used in the manufacture of large machinery and structures by cutting and shaping metallic alloys. The process begins with large metal sheets, which are then exposed to extraordinary pressure in order to be shaped as required using the required moulds. A wide variety of alloys can be used in the metal stamping process, though the vast majority of components are more often than not manufactured using steel, aluminium, nickel, zinc and titanium.

There are essentially two primary components responsible for creating the required shape. The component known as the ‘ram’ features the shape of the size of the required component’s interior, while the ‘bed’ which the ram is driven into features the shape and size of the required component’s exterior.  The chosen metal is loaded into the press and held in place, after which the ram is driven with extreme force into the bed in order to create the required shape for the component in question.

These kinds of presses can also be used for a variety of other operations, which include bending, clipping and piercing components.  More often than not, these take place as finishing processes once the primary component has been produced.  Everyday examples of the kinds of products and items created using these types of presses include metallic pots and pans, though such machinery can be used to create considerably more complex components.

Metal Pressing Benefits

In terms of the primary benefits of metal pressing, this particular process is turned to instinctively by both manufacturers and those in need of metallic components where flawless accuracy is required. Metal pressing represents an alternative to various other approaches the products and component production, including metal spinning. Generally speaking, metal pressing is more ideally suited to instances where components are either required in larger quantities or on a repeat basis, as opposed to limited run orders or one-time-only requirements.

Under the right circumstances however, the key benefits of contemporary metal pressing processes include:

  • Lower costs – first and foremost, following the initial production of the required components to facilitate the manufacturing process, the individual unit price per component produced by way of metal pressing can be remarkably low. Initial setup costs have the potential to be somewhat more expensive than those associated with metal spinning, but should components be required in large quantities, long-term costs are reduced considerably.
  • Better quality – as consistency of output is controlled by the machine itself as opposed to its operator, the components produced by way of metal pressing can be consistently flawless. In addition, metal pressing produces components of a generally higher quality level with much tighter tolerances.
  • Production times – again, while the initial setup and preparation times ahead of carrying out metal pressing processes may be comparatively long, ongoing production once the tooling is in place can be considerably faster than metal spinning and other comparable production processes.
  • Range of materials – alloys with a wide variety of thicknesses can be handled and processed by way of metal pressing, while there are strict limitations when it comes to the thickness of the material that can be used in metal spinning.

5 Helpful Tips for Career Success After College

Graduating from college marks the end of your academic pursuits, but it’s also the beginning of your professional life – at least, that’s the hope.  Unfortunately, you may not be among the lucky few that receive an offer of employment upon graduation.

Most students have to go in search of work after graduation.  Armed with your new degree, you should have the knowledge, skills, and credentials to nab a job in your chosen field.  So why is finding work so hard?

Like anything in life, if it’s worth having it’s going to be difficult to obtain.  When it comes to finding gainful employment, though, you can set yourself up for success.  Here are a few helpful tips to get all your ducks in a row.

  1. Apply for Internships

Your path to career success after college starts well before you receive your diploma.  By taking on internships during your time in college you have the opportunity to gain work experience and make new connections.

Not every internship will result in an offer of employment, but you can gain valuable experience in the process.  Even more important, however, is your chance to rub elbows with others in your chosen industry.  If you impress the right people and make the effort to stay in contact, you could create professional opportunities later on.

  1. Attend Job Fairs

Internship opportunities in college can be very competitive.  Whether you get one or not, you should probably hedge your bets by attending campus (or local) job fairs during your time in college.

Make sure to dress professionally, bring copies of your resume, and adopt a confident attitude (approach people, shake hands, smile, etc.).  In addition, think about adding a photo to your resume and even wearing the same outfit to job fairs as you wore in your photo as a way to make a lasting impression.

Take business cards and make sure to follow up after the fact.  Building a professional network requires persistence and keeping your name on the lips of prospective employers is a great way to improve your chances for hire.

  1. Network

Internships and job fairs are excellent ways to increase your professional connections, but don’t forget that your peers will soon be your colleagues.  In other words, you need to network with other students, as well.

  1. Perfect Your Resume

Hiring agents may sift through hundreds of resumes for a given position, and yours needs to stand out.  These days, that could mean squeezing as much information as possible onto a single page, or at least making sure the most important information is right up front.

You might also need to provide a portfolio of work, depending on your field.  This you can work on during your time in school.  As for perfecting your resume, see if such services are offered on campus, look for tutorials online, or think about hiring a company that specializes in resume creation.

  1. Interview with Confidence

You’ve earned UC’s masters healthcare administration degree, worked your network, tweaked your resume, and gotten your foot in the door with an interview.  Now you just have to nail it.

The best way to approach your interview with confidence is to prepare.  You can find sample questions online and ask a friend to give you a mock interview.  Don’t forget to research the company.  All of this will help you to nail the interview and nab the job.

5 Tips for Landing a Career After College

The reason young adults go to college, taking on student loan debt and sacrificing four or more years of their life that could be spent working, is to prepare for a career.  A college education not only looks good on a resume; it also ensures that students have the knowledge and skills necessary to enter their chosen profession.

Unfortunately, earning a degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee job placement following graduation.  It certainly increases job opportunities and earning potential, but landing a career after college is still going to be hard work.

This is not intended to scare students, but rather to give them the proper motivation to do well in school and prepare for the rigors of the job market.  With proper planning, students can improve their odds of landing a job and starting their career soon after graduation, or even nabbing a job before donning a cap and gown.  Here are a few tips sure to help industrious students land a career after college.

  1. Choose Your Major Wisely

This is obviously important.  Yes, you want to select a career path that marries your talents and interests, but there are probably a variety of options that could fit the bill.  You need to do some research and choose one that is also profitable.

It’s all well and good to have ideals, but the truth is that most students will complete college with a mountain of student loan debt hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles.  If attending college is meant to help you start a career, you want to make sure your major leads to a growing job market and livable wages.

  1. Build and Maintain a Professional Network

The larger part of attaining a higher education entails learning.  However, there is also a social aspect to college that can play a major role in your career growth.

Sometimes who you know can be just as important as what you know, so spend your time in college getting to know your peers, professors, and even people in your chosen industry if you have the opportunity.  Maintaining a network of contacts can open many doors following graduation.

  1. Create Your Resume Early

It’s never too soon to start building your resume and there are a few ways you can work on it while you’re in school.  The best option is to apply for internships or even industry jobs as a way to gain experience and contacts.

Depending on your chosen profession, you could also work on building a portfolio.  You can populate it with mock projects and applicable class work, but you might also consider approaching local businesses and offering free or low-cost services as a way to gain experience and build your portfolio or resume in the process.

  1. Be Proactive

Very few students are lucky enough to receive job placement upon graduation.  You can, however, hedge your bets by attending job fairs, search for jobs before graduation, and even soliciting companies that aren’t necessarily hiring.

Perseverance and an outgoing attitude can take you a long way when it comes to kick starting your career.

  1. Come Prepared

If you want the best chance to start your career after leaving Northeastern University, it pays to come to the table prepared to sell yourself.  This means taking the time to perfect your resume, as well as prepping for interviews by going through sample questions, asking friends to conduct mock interviews for practice, and researching companies you’re interviewing with so you can speak intelligentlyabout them.

Essential Career Planning Tips for College Students

When you finish high school and head off to the ivory tower of learning, you probably have little clue about what you might be good at or what you want to do for the rest of your life.  Choosing a major and a career path is important since you will spend the lion’s share of your adult life embroiled in professional pursuits.

However, if you’re like most students, you may not know exactly where to get started, and this is one scenario where you really don’t want to wing it.  How can you determine where your career is going when you’ve only just entered adulthood?

Career planning is no simple undertaking, but with some help you can definitely get on the right path.  Here are a few essential tips to help every college student with career planning.


Did you know that there are assessment tests designed to help you figure out what you might enjoy and excel at in a professional capacity?  Like any type of placement exam, these tests consider your knowledge.

However, they also gauge your interests and other strengths and talents to determine what types of jobs you’d be best suited for.  The Myers-Briggs test is the standard when it comes to the psychology behind employing the best workers.

As a student, though, you’ll probably benefit more from straightforward tests like the ones offered at  These will assess your psychological leanings and then help you to match your traits, skills, and preferences with a suitable job type.

Use All Available Resources

Most colleges have a career center and/or career counselors that can help you to figure out what you stand to gain during your time on campus and how you can best prepare for your professional life afterward.  You may have access to free self-assessment tests, resume and interview workshops, internship opportunities, and even a network of alumni contacts.

These resources are all at your disposal while you’re a student and you should take full advantage since any or all could help you to plan for a profitable and fulfilling career, as well as get a job after graduation.

Research the Job Market

Before you set your heart on a major, it pays to look into the job market that awaits you upon graduation.  This means researching not only the salaries common to specific positions, but also whether or not the market for such positions is slated to grow in the coming years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good place to start since it offers forecasts for future job markets as well as general information concerning median salaries for a wide range of industries.  Another good resource is PayScale, a website that offers more specific information concerning jobs and salaries.

Develop Your Skillset

Your major course of study will determine, to a large extent, the knowledge and skills you obtain during your time in college.  However, you need to think about what other skills might benefit you when you enter the job market.

Even if your major doesn’t demand them, classes in finance, communications, and web development can help to round out your skillset, making you more attractive to companies looking to hire.  Gaining a competitive edge in the job market could rely on a certain amount of flexibility, and rounding out your skillset could provide it.

Create Goals

It’s not enough to be going somewhere – you must have a destination in mind.  This requires you to create both short-term and long-term goals to work toward.

Once you’ve earned USC’s library science degree, where do you go from there?  Are you prepared for the job market?  Is your resume in order?  Do you have a specific position or company in mind?

Creating goals can help you to create a clear path when you’re planning a career and give you the motivation to keep going.  Whether your end goal is to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, to start your own successful business, or to be President of the United States, setting goals and planning your career path is essential to achieving professional success.

5 Tips for a Successful Transition from College to Career

Making the transition from high school to college is definitely hard, but once you settle in, decorate your dorm room, make some friends, and learn your way around campus, it starts to feel like home.  Plus, the new freedom to set your own schedule and make your own choices is certainly nice.

Unfortunately, this is likely only the first of many major transitions you’ll face in a lifetime.  The next is graduating from college and entering the working world, becoming a responsible adult and a productive member of society.

In some ways, this transition is easier since you’ve already made one successful life change by moving away from home to start college.  On the other hand, you are truly on your own once you graduate, without the safety net of parental involvement or the support system offered by a college campus.

You’re not the first one to make this transition, though, and you can learn a lot from those who have gone before.  Here are a few tips to help you make a successful transition from your time in college to a career.

  1. Create a SetSchedule

You might find yourself floundering right after graduation.  With no school schedule to occupy your time, you’ll certainly start the job search, but you could end up with a lot of free time on your hands between interviews.

You don’t want to end up anxious or stuck in a rut, so it’s important to stay busy.  This starts with reworking your schedule.  Treat your job hunt as a job itself and devote set hours each day to tasks like improving your resume, seeking and applying for jobs, and even cold-calling companies that interest you to find out if they’re hiring or if they’ll at least take your resume and keep it on file for future openings.

You should also schedule in time for exercise, meeting up with friends, and other activities that get you out of the house and keep you active and social.  It’s important to stay busy and stick to a schedule while you’re seeking employment.

  1. RecalculateYour Budget

Once you graduate you’ll have more time for work, whether you’re stuck in your college job or you manage to nab a position in your chosen field.  Unfortunately, you’ll also have to start paying off your student loans.

Regardless of whether you’re earning more or spending more (or both), your finances are going to change once you graduate from college.  If you want to transition successfully you need to assess your budget and make appropriate adjustments.

  1. Quit Bad Habits

During your time in school you could adopt a number of bad habits, such as staying up late, eating from the vending machine, and partying with your friends every weekend.  If you’re serious about starting your career, it’s time to break these bad habits.

Eating healthy, regular meals, getting adequate rest, and keeping the parties to a minimum ensures that you’ll have the energy and focus needed to perform and excel in a job setting.

  1. Maintain Relationships

You don’t want to lose contact with friends just because you don’t see them on campus every day.  Maintaining relationships can not only provide you with the emotional support you need during your transition, but the friends you made in college will be your colleagues in your professional life, and your network could create professional opportunities down the road.

  1. Focus on Your Career Plan

There’s definitely a learning curve associated with going from the University of New England to the working world.  You can get distracted and waylaid by pressing concerns like moving, leaving friends behind, and adding student loan payments to your budget.

These things could lead to stress and anxiety that derail your career progress.  You’ve got to keep your eye on the prize, so focus on creating career goals like landing a job in your chosen field within a year, getting promoted to certain positions within set amounts of time, or even starting your own company at some point.  Knowing where you want to go can help to keep you on track.

How to Get Hired After College

After four or more years of attending classes and burning the midnight oil to earn a college degree, you may want nothing so much as a good long nap and some R&R.  Instead of heading off to some sun-drenched beach for a well-deserved break, however, you’ve got to start thinking about how you’re going to repay your student loan debt, especially since the bills will start rolling in as soon as you’ve got your diploma in hand.

Okay, so most grads are naturally excited to start a career anyway.  Armed with your newfound knowledge and skills, you’re ready to take the working world by storm.  You just have to get hired.

There can be a lot of competition for top jobs and you’ll be competing against the very peers you befriended during your days on campus (and countless other grads).  How can you get the edge, get a foot in the door, and nab your dream job?  Try a few of these strategies.

Polish Your Resume

In most cases your resume will be your first impression, so you want to make sure you catch the attention of hiring agents.  A clean, polished resume format is a good place to start, and these days the norm is to keep your resume to one page if at all possible, which means you’ll need to be succinct and pick and choose the most pertinent information to highlight.

You could also elect to include a photo, making your resume a bit more personal.  However, the place where you can really shine is on cover letters, so don’t phone it in.  Craft each cover letter specifically for the job you’re applying for by addressing points from the job ad and pointing out why you’d be a good fit for the company.

Taking the time to research the jobs and companies you’re interested in shows that you’re a go-getter and gives you a better opportunity to make a good impression.

Practice Interviewing

You got called for an interview.  Now what?  You need to prepare.  This means downloading some sample questions and asking a family member or friend to conduct practice interviews.

This is not so you can memorize answers, but rather to get a feel for how the interview process might go.  The idea is to get comfortable talking about yourself and answering questions that are commonly asked.

Again, you should take the opportunity to read up on the company prior to the interview.  Many hiring agents want to know why you’re interested in their company and what you think you can contribute.  Knowing something about the company can help you to craft intelligent answers.

Add Job Hunting to Your Schedule

How many hours a week will you spend on your job search?  How many hours a day?  What types of activities will be involved?

If you don’t treat your job hunt like a job, your efforts could begin to wane, especially if you’re not having much luck.  So add job searches, submitting applications, and efforts to fill out your resume (like working on spec to build a portfolio) to your daily schedule to stay on track.

Reach Out to Contacts

The network you build during your time in college may consist of other students, professors, and professionals you meet at job fairs or through internships, just for example.  Maintaining your network means that you can reach out to contacts when you graduate, learning about job opportunities and getting reference letters to aid in your job hunt.

Find Companies You Want to Work For

If all else fails and you feel like you’ve applied for every job on the market after completing NEC’s non profit leadership program, it’s time to beat the pavement.  In other words, you should start seeking out companies that interest you.

Even if a company isn’t currently hiring, you can speak to a hiring manager, ask about open positions, and see if they’ll take your resume to keep on file for future openings.  Your interest and confidence are likely to impress hiring agents and your name could be at the top of the list when the company is looking to hire.

How to Land a Great Internship in College

College internships can definitely add to your workload when you’re busy trying to earn a degree, but the benefits of nabbing an internship in your chosen field cannot be overstated.  It can help you to flesh out your resume, make new industry contacts, and better prepare for the working world.

Because internships are so advantageous, though, you’re likely to face a lot of competition for top internships offered through your school.  How can you stand out from the crowd and get the edge over peers?

There are several steps you can take to improve your odds of landing coveted internships in college.  Here are some strategies to try.

Maintain a High GPA

There are many good reasons to maintain a stellar GPA in college, but one of the more immediate concerns is impressing companies hiring interns.  Since you don’t really have experience to recommend you, good grades can be very important.

This is also a good reason to maintain your status on the honor roll and/or dean’s list.  Such distinctions could help you to stand out among a pool of candidate.  In addition, however, your status as an honor roll student could confer certain advantages that other students don’t enjoy.

Depending on the college or university you attend, honor roll or dean’s list students may be eligible for internships that other students are not, or they may get other forms of preferential treatment or access to resources.  At the very least, you’ll have something to add to your resume, but you could get a lot more.

Polish Your Resume and Practice Interviewing

You will have to supply a resume when you apply for internships, so you need to spend some time polishing it to perfection.  You can start by finding templates, tutorials, and advice online, but you should also see what resources the campus career center has to offer.

Many career centers have professionals on hand to help you with your resume and you may even be able to participate in lectures or workshops that deal with creating resumes and acing interviews.  The career center is also a great place to find out about internships being offered on campus.


Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky famously quipped, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  This adage applies neatly to landing college internships.  If you’re so worried you won’t get an internship that you don’t even apply, you’ve become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You definitely won’t get any of the internships you don’t apply for.  So apply for any that interest you, even if you don’t think you have a shot.  You may end up being exactly what a company is looking for.

Approach Companies on Your Own

If you’re struggling to compete for campus internships and you’re not having much luck, it might be time to expand your search.  Look for area companies that interest you and cold call them to see if they offer internship opportunities.

The worst that could happen is you are turned down.  However, you might end up getting lucky and nabbing an internship that none of your classmates even knew existed.

Whether you’re attending classes on campus or earning a UAB Online degree, you can find ways to take advantage of internship opportunities if you are well-prepared and willing to go out of your way.

5 Essential Career Planning Tips for College Students

Going to college is a decision many students make as an effort to land the best possible job following graduation. Over the course of four years, students hone in on their skills in hopes that they will pay off. Unfortunately, many students don’t take advantage of starting their career planning while still in school and thus get thrown out to the sharks unprepared and unsure after graduation.

So what can college students start doing now to ensure they are ready to begin a career after graduation?

  1. Visit the Career Center

The career center is not just for newcomers and people in their last months of school. Everyday this resource will post internships, job opportunities, resume workshops and more to help their students make a proactive effort toward applying themselves after college. Do not wait until three months before graduation to take your first steps inside the career center! Instead, see if you can meet with a career counselor once a quarter or semester to talk about current opportunities and changes in the field you are interested in. This will keep you up-to-date and well-informed which will aid in keeping you focused on life after college.

  1. Get Some Work Experience

One of the most prominent things that future employers will look for is whether or not someone has relevant work experience. Internships look amazing on your resume as it shows you are willing to work for little in exchange for priceless knowledge. Look for opportunities that will help you build skills that are essential to succeed at your dream job and take note of accomplishments you have along the way. Being able to sell yourself with credible experience will help tremendously when you start applying for jobs.

  1. Network

Networking is the number one best way to land a position at your dream job; but it takes more than just having a conversation. Before you even step into a networking situation, be sure to have a 100 percent filled out LinkedIn profile, a short and well-edited resume and a cover letter. These three things will be your tools for not only meeting new people but leaving them with something to remember you by. Network with people who are in the industry and seek out mentorships from people you admire.

  1. Examine Other Skills and Hobbies

It turns out that many of the skills and hobbies you may have as a college student can be used for many different positions, including some that may not have been on your radar before. Take the time to make a list of all of your current skills and hobbies. Compare this list to the requirements listed for jobs in different fields. By honing in on what your talents are, you will be surprised by how many jobs need your skills. Also take this time to build a list of skills that you would like to obtain that most jobs may require.

  1. Reflect and Assess

One of the best ways to figure out what kind of career would be best for you is to participate in online surveys and assessments. There are thousands of tests that help determine your personality, ideal career choices and even what city would be best to live in based on your answers. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a few of these assessments to give you a bit of direction. Also, speaking with a director or advisor, such as someone with Vermont Law’s online llm will help guide you in your choice.

Jewellery – Status Statement

It is always a pleasant feeling that a person derives when he or she wears jewellery, especially if it is expensive and jewellery is usually expensive – especially when it contains gold. Be a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, an ‘anklet’, a chain or even earrings, if the jewellery piece contains gold, it is bound to shine and when it shines the person wearing it makes a statement to the person who notices it about the status that he or she has achieved in life.


Although it cannot be denied there are a few people who buy jewellery because they love the designs or even feel that it is something that they should have, it cannot be denied that the majority of people who buy and wear jewellery, do it because they want to make a statement that5 they have reached a certain level; in life that has allowed them to own and wear the jewellery.


A ring that is purchased for a wedding sometimes is regarded as an indication of how well of the groom is in western cultures especially if it has a ‘huge rock’ on it and it is a fact that the bigger the rock is… the more proud the bride will be about her suitor. Although this may bring about a falsehood towards the emotional factors due to the fact the groom probably had to borrow money to purchase the ring, it still shows the dedication of the groom towards making his bride happy. This may seem trivial, but in fact this is hardwired into the human genome as humans have always regarded gold as a symbol of status for eons.


From the Egyptians 5 thousand years ago to the Indians and Mesopotamians 7 thousand years ago, gold has been regarded as the epitome of success – meaning the ore gold possessed, the better off you are. This fact is obvious if we were to peer into history as gold has caused wars that resulted in thousands perishing and until today, forced labour is still practiced for the sake of mining the precious metal from the earth.


Based on this the next time you decide on buying jewellery it would be an advisable thing to ask yourself – why are you buying it? Are you trying to impress someone or impress a group of people? Are you trying to to blend in? Can you afford it? What are the consequences? Would you be paying more than you should and lastly but not least – is it worth it?


If you answered yes to any of the above mentioned questions, it would be advisable to buy gold jewellery!


Selling gold jewellery as mentioned earlier is a long term method, as jewellery is often sold at a premium, it can take between 10 and 20 years for the gold value to rise enough to make a profit, for this reason it is advisable to visit a local gold buyers website which advertises live prices per carat of gold, using this method, you can determine todays buy back value of the gold jewellery you wish to purchase, and the closer to the current pay-out amount these companies offer, means you will make money off the gold much sooner than if you had paid a high premium.


A great website that offers such information is the Melbourne Gold Company, we highly recommend visiting their website and gathering more information on how gold buyers operate, and buy back practices you will likely need to factor in when selling gold jewellery.

Advantages of Participating in Online Money-Making Portals

It is true that money cannot buy everything, but it is also true that it has become a very powerful source of getting physical happiness. People can obviously buy things that they need to live on this planet of ours. Though people are busily engaged in various types of professions, yet they cannot ignore getting into various other money-making efforts. This is why they often involve themselves in multiple professions that guarantee income. However, there is no doubt that the huge possibility of making money from various types lotteries has made numerous people participate in dealing in this business as well.

Participating in online and offline money-making games portals is becoming popular very fast as these portals promise a large possibility of earning. Most of these websites and gaming agencies allow the players to earn unlimited by participating them in various games. At present, a large number of such portals are gaining a large amount of popularity, among which Satta Matka is a very prominent one that has emerged as a very preferred destination for the people who wish to make money without causing them any difficulty at all.

Sattamatka, unlike any other online money-making portal, allows some advantages for the players who wish to make money while playing on the online money as well as fun-making websites. If you are also interested in such games, then you must know what features of these portals, like Sattamatka, most advantageous for you:

The availability of a wide variety of games is one feature that can suit to everyone’s needs. You may be a newbie to these fun-making games portals with limited knowledge of games, you may find some of these games very much suitable to your needs, experience, and knowledge. However, if you are an experienced campaigner, then you can find them a paradise for making fast money with unlimited limits.

Earning possibilities are really unlimited at these portals. Most of them allow huge prize money to every winner of these games. Moreover, the winners can also expect additional prize money in terms of bonus and jackpots. These are usually huge in amount that enhance the winning amount manifold. With the top online money-making websites, you can always expect great returns for your efforts that you would spend there playing against the other online players who may be playing from various geographic locations.

Before playing at any money and fun-making portal, you must make sure that it allows you to leave a game at any point of time. Though there are not many portals that allow you to do so, you can feel safe with Sattamatka for it allows you to leave the game at your own conveniences. This is a great advantage for those who cannot win on a particular day, or to those who wish to leave immediately after winning a game. Most of the frontline web portals with innovative gaming ideas are known for this extraordinary feature that you can always take as an advantage for you. You can consider these portals as your best option for making money whenever you need.

Ordering Birth Certificate Online In California Becomes Easy

Several government agencies are working hard day and night to provide you the access to your child’s birth certificate. However, the process is long and the time required for the same may offend you in many respects. You can even get frustrated with the hassles of the same. These government agencies will charge you a reduced fee for the whole process but money is not all that shall concern you. You want convenience and that can be achieved when you order California birth certificate online. There are private agencies in California that look into the matter and process things faster.

Some positives of ordering through the private agencies

Though the private agencies may ask for more price than government organizations, there are certain benefits that drive people towards them.

  • Ordering online just takes five minutes. It is far lesser than what it takes for applying through government agencies. You just require to visit the website, fill up the form, and order.
  • Error checking is done by the agency. So, you can be rest assured that there will be no mistake in the names and address section. It takes a lot of time to get the certificate and if there is an error, the process becomes longer. You don’t really want that and to ensure the same, you can take help of the private agencies.
  • The private agencies work hand in hand with the government ones. So, the connection is strong and they can push for your case in order to make things get materialized faster.
  • The communication with the representative will be open and live. You can talk to the representative at your favorable time and they will be answering live. The customer support is quite strong in this case.
  • The agency will provide you with the updates of the process. The shipping and tracking details will be provided to you to ensure that you are well versed about the timeline.
  • To be precise, it takes away the hassle from ordering the birth certificate online. It’s easy and safe and can be done by anyone without much need of documentation. There is nothing they cannot help with.

If you are in California and you are thinking of how to order the birth certificate, check for the private websites as these are the best options when you need to boost up the speed. Check for the fees to compare which one will be suitable.

Is It Necessary To Get Into A Luxury Rehab For Complete Cure?

When it comes to cure from addiction, rehabilitation is surely the best option but you need to have the best rehabilitation program in order to actually cure the addiction from its root. If you are opting for a rehabilitation program that is not much effective, it is sure to not to give expected end results and there are maximum chances of relapse. Recently, the concept of luxury rehabilitations has come up and statistics have shown that in many cases they have a better outcome rate than the normal rehabilitation centers. However, while it does not mean that only the luxury rehabs can ensure cure of the patient from the addictions, but certainly it indicates to the point that these luxury facilities offer a better chance of cure for every patient.

Why the luxury rehabs offer a better cure

Luxury rehabilitations maintain a perfect infrastructure to ensure the best care of the patients and in addition to that they follow a scientifically laid course of program to ensure step by step recovery of the patient. This scientific approach automatically ensures the best end results. In addition to that, the luxury drug rehab provides the inmates a comfortable, relaxing environment within the beauty of nature, which automatically helps them to come out of their addictions. If you are looking for the best assistance and advanced facilities for drug addiction rehabilitation, the luxury rehabs can certainly ensure to provide you the best, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot be cured by the common rehabilitation programs.

Luxury rehabs show maximum accountability

The luxury rehab facilities are fully run by the charges paid by the patients and hence they have accountability only towards their patients and no one else. So, these centers ensure the best for their patients in every way. Starting from the best luxurious facilities to the best staffs and medical assistance you can expect every top-of-the-shelf facility and service in these rehabs and hence they are more effective in most of the cases. The normal rehabs might not be able to provide the facilities and services at the level of the luxury rehabs, but they can also be effective to ensure cure of the inmates, in many cases.

The last word

So, if the question is, if it is only a luxury drug rehab that can cure addictions, the answer is surely “no”, but it is certainly the luxury rehabs that offer better chance of sobriety of the addicts even in the long term.

Great Ways To Ensure Safety Within A Lab Environment

Laboratories are ultra-sensitive work environments. They have within their walls a wide range of chemicals which if bought to contact with the external environment can cause significant. In some labs, it is not chemicals but highly confidential information that can cause wreak havoc if released to public. Even the slightest error can lead to grave accidents that can prove to be fatal. To prevent such circumstances from happening it is necessary that the lab management takes precautionary measures. The lab employees must also be trainer in safety procedures in case of an emergency. The following steps will help establish safety standards within a lab.

  1. Providing safety training to staff members

Staff members who are trained in safety procedures will be more alert in preventing situations that can lead to mishaps. They know and understand the implication of each action and hence will take responsibility for their actions.

  1. Setting up safety zones

Effective laboratory management requires setting up of safety zones where people can assemble in case of a contingency. Safety zones are a must have in school and university labs where errors are most prone to happen.

  1. Stocking safety equipment

Most accidents escalate as grave incidents before labs fail to stock up protective equipment well in advance. Protective equipment like fire extinguishers, some detectors, safety alarms, smoke masks, etc. should be stocked in the lab to take control over any difficult condition.

  1. Managing lab procedures

Professional lab management services like LIMS help streamline the lab processes and activities where manual are prone to creep in. From using automated software to re-engineering processes to eliminating redundant activities, a lot can be done to enhance lab procedures to an optimum level.


The cost invested in making a lab safe and secure will definitely be negligible compared to the loss that an accident can cause. Lab management must ensure that the staff members are capable and trained of taking action in case of a contingency. Adequate protective equipment must also be stocked in quick reach locations. A distant and quickly approachable safety zone must also be found and allotted to take refuge in case of an accident. A well planned and documented safety procedure will help prevent accidents that can cause damage to the lab.

Author bio: The author is a retired chemical engineer. He has worked with a wide range of lab management and information systems like LIMS in various parts of the world

Make Competition Loose Out By Using Custom Neon Signs

Jantec is a company which has over 17years of hands on experience in creating custom neon signs. Made especially for your business, these signs capture its very soul, thereby generating interest in your product. It is a very good means of marketing since the sparkling neon lights have a way of attracting passers-by and wilfully making them read what is portrayed by the lights.

Types of custom neon signs

Jantec custom neon signs can be used to cater to requirements of all types. Be it for domestic or official use, be it one or many, each of these custom neon signs are crafted to perfection. Jantec, primarily offers customers and buyers three options for placing an order for neon signs. They are à

  1. Neon signs with letters only: As the name suggests these have only letters on them and are hence quite inexpensive. They also offer you a choice of colour, size, border options and font. Since they offer text up to 3 lines, it is very easy to put across any message you want to convey to your potential customers.
  2. Template neon signs: Template refers to pre-formatted and pre-stenciled designs already available with Jantec. The customer just has to select from these design templates and get his message incorporated in it making the whole process very quick and extremely easy to complete. Due to the availability of a number of fonts and layouts as well as graphic options, the customer is spoilt for choice.
  3. Custom artistic neon sign: These neon signs are generally created by the designers by taking ideas from the company logo and are highly personalized. This option has no boundaries and has options for a host of design elements which make this the best option available. This type of neon signs are generally used when there is a requirement for a number of signboards. Hence this is the most expensive option of the three yet from the customer’s point of view, this option too is affordable.

Need for custom neon signs

Jantec custom neon signs have become a necessity and are the need of the hour if one needs to grow or expand his business. This is primarily becauseà

  • They offer visibility and have the capability to attract people and leave a lasting impression on their minds.
  • This gives a business the cutting edge required to outdo its competitor and nudge them out of business.

Author’s Bio: The author has been using the services of Jantec custom neon signs for a long time now with positive results reflected in the business. Thus the author highly recommends the same for all people wanting to see a hockey stick growth curve for their business.

Show Off Your Family With Original Stickers

Sticking stickers with animated images and messages has become quite popular now. Looking around you will find that every inanimate object be it a laptop, a car, different gadgets etc., has a sticker on it. Some of them carry relevant messages while others carry quirky messages that fill you with mirth. The basic concept of putting up stickers is to convey something to on-lookers and passers-by.

How is a sticker made?

Stickers are generally designed on vinyl and stuck on to the gadget or device as per the requirement of the user. Since it is very difficult to make the designs directly onto the vinyl, original people decals are used. These decals are nothing but designs prepared on a computer or some other material like special paper and then transferred onto another surface. Decals may be used to transfer images, messages, photos etc. When these decals are used to transfer images, they are known as original people decals and are done following the steps enumerated below.

  • In the first step, using your computer go to the site where you want to make the decal. Then you need to add the images using the “Add figure” button. This process can be repeated to add as many as 8 figures.
  • In the next step, the figures need to be customised using the different options for head and body. This helps you create a figure unique in looks and probably similar to the person for whom the sticker might be intended.
  • The preview button gives you a sneak peek into what the final outcome will be like and then the image is saved.
  • Sticker decals on which this image needs to be transferred are easily available and can be ordered. Since vinyl decals have a lifetime of 7 years and are weather resistant, they are extensively used to put stickers onto cars, mailboxes etc.

Original people decals can be of two types. They are à

  1. Those that enable you to transfer images of your family and
  2. Those that enable you to transfer the basic essence of your personality or show off traits of the same.

In fact these sticker decals can be used to even make gift cards for sending across to your friends and family. Using the same process you can transfer any image or message onto the card making it unique and personalised. These gift cards can either be digital and purchased and downloaded from the internet or be printed onto special card papers wherein the delivery takes about 1-2 weeks. Either way it is the best gift anyone can get.


Where To Find The Authentic Amone Reviews?

AmOne is known as the premier online loan matching company of America. This company has been in operation since 1999 and currently enjoys an extended customer base across USA. The service helps all the small business owners and consumers to get easy loans under easy terms, and most importantly the service is offered for absolutely no-charge. So, if you are worried about not getting a loan sanctioned by your bank, or not being able to deal with several ongoing loans, taking the assistance from this company to get the loan quickly can be a great option.

Why it is important to check the reviews

However, when it comes to availing a service, and more a financial service, checking out the reviews of the company first is vital. A service might look all polished from outside, but it is only the real customers of the service who can inform you about what exactly the company offers. So, if you have been looking for reviews on Amone before you can avail the service, let us inform you how you can find the authentic reviews on this company,

Look for Amone reviews online

The internet has come up as the most extensive repository of information and hence if you are looking for Amone reviews it is surely the web where you need to look for. However, you can surely try to get some reviews and references from the people you already know, but in case you are not comfortable about discussing your financial matters with all, or you just do not know someone who can give you an idea about the service, checking the online resources is surely the best option. To find the online reviews on the service follow the next steps,

  • Place a search in any of your preferred search engines with the term “AmOne original reviews” the result page will come up with a list of web resources containing reviews about the service. The result page will also include links to the listing pages where you can find several reviews written by the many customers of the company.
  • So, once you have the address of the sites that contain the reviews get to the sites and read on to know about the service in details.
  • Apart from checking the independent reviews done by the customers and also the customer reviews available on the service listing websites, you can check out some online blogs and forums where people with similar interest share their experiences.

Once you have find the reviews check them and then only decide your next step.

About the author: The writer of this post is a business owner and a satisfied customer of AmOne. He has used the service more than ones to get easy and quick loans without hassle.

Top Mistakes That Companies Make While Engaging Hirers And Movers

Relocating can be a nerve racking experience. It is not possible to have the leniency and flexibility that one enjoys while relocating a home. Moreover, an office will have several confidential documents and records which need to packed and moved without any damage or loss. Sadly, most companies make fatal mistakes while choosing packers and movers. These mistakes lead to loss of documents, damage to equipment’s and inconvenience to employees.

Why do companies need professional packers and movers?

Richmond packers and movers make office relocation process a simple and hassle free affair. They provide an organized service that saves employees from stress and worry of losing important files or damage to equipment. Packers and movers help take away the physical exertion that cannot be asked to be put in by employees. They also exercise a proper system of packing and tagging boxes and artifacts that ensure goods are not lost or damaged during transit.

Here are some such mistakes you have to watch out for while relocating your office to a new location:

  • Going by the lowest quote. Choosing a vendor for packing and moving just because the rates ranks the lowest amidst other quotes is perhaps the worst mistake a company can make while engaging packers and movers.
  • Underestimating the risk involved. Relocating does have serious risk involved in it. It is necessary to ensure that the damage for equipment, loss of documents, etc. are properly covered for with insurance or alternative compensation facilities.
  • Not reading the fine print of the agreement. Packers and movers are liable to compensate a company for any loss incurred during the transit. However, the liability is applicable only if it is put in writing in the agreement. Companies must ensure that the agreement with the packing and moving company does specify such a clause that covers losses.
  • Not giving specific instructions. Packing and moving an office requires the office personnel to give specific instructions to the Richmond movers. The instructions must include actions to be taken on how to move certain equipment, artifacts and where they must be arranged in the new location. To the point instructions about arranging cabins of higher management should also be provided prior hand.

Author bio: The author is a manager of leading Richmond movers firm. He has been engaged in the business of packing and moving since decades and holds significant experience in dealing all types of relocating requirements.

Exciting Features Of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent process that uses the latest 3D CAD software to build highly efficient models. They help design and construction companies to plan, design, and maintain highly efficient models of building and infrastructure projects. Firms that utilize the benefits of BIM can find innovative ways to get the right information delivered to people working on a construction project. Following are some its fabulous features:

  • It is a process: Building Information Modeling is not a technology, as perceived by most of the individuals. It is a process that applies to various aspects of a construction project, right from design to estimation and project delivery.
  • It is enabled through several platforms: There are many graphic technologies that are used to build and utilize intelligent models in BIM. Some of them include advanced design software, such as, Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17 and Autodesk Revit. These applications support a wide range of architectural tools that are used to build smart 3D models.
  • It has many levels of implementation: There are different levels that go into the implementation of BIM. The first level is Computer-aided Design (CAD), which uses drawings, lines, text and other tools. Second level comprises of 2D and 3D models that are a combination of files and objects. The third level utilizes web services for interoperable data and creation of a collaborative process. This increases transparency and efficiency in the project.
  • It creates a parametric model: Building Information Modeling creates a parametric model, which is essentially a model in which all the elements are interconnected. If someone moves the location of a wall in the model, the elements associated with that wall would also change. Changes in the volume of a floor would alter the quantities of material required to construct the floor.
  • It makes use of industry standards: The construction industry operates in various countries by adhering to certain standards. They can be easily integrated in the BIM process and even shared with various individuals involved in the project.
  • It is much more than a detailed 3D model: The accuracy in model, combined with the animations and other aspects allow the designers to detect any clashes in an HVAC or structural framework. This allows contractors to make the required changes before the actual building process begins. Possibilities of rework can be reduced to a great extent with the help of BIM.

The construction industry across the world is waking up to the benefits of Building Information Modeling. There are specialized firms like QCAD that provides top-quality BIM services using the latest design software. The QCAD design services have been of great benefit to various construction firms in the execution of their building and infrastructure projects.
Author Bio: The author is a BIM expert who writes about the benefits of QCAD design services to various architectural and construction firms. He also has a vast experience of interacting with professionals related to this industry.

4 Ways To Create Content Marketing Strategies That Will Initiate Action

Content marketing has become to be the best and safest way to make customers take actions. However, not all content marketing strategies are going to make an impact unless you are sure it will appeal from the point of view of the reader. That said, it is never going to be easy to create a content marketing strategy that will ring a bell with your customers.

Here are 4 great ways to create effective content marketing strategies that will force your customers to take actions that add value to your organization.



  1. Know your audience

The content you create and publish online should be specifically tailor made to the likes and interests of your audience. To do just that, you must know who your audience are what their personal preferences are. A detailed analysis of customer segments and their native behavior should be done to optimize content that will create an impact.

  1. Plan long-term customer relationships, not short-term milestones

One major flaw that most content marketing strategies have is to focus keenly on the short-term milestones. They ignore the long-term goals to create sustainable relationships with the readers that will ensure a steady online presence even when the business is faltering. Content marketing services like Direct Images create sustainable content that will lure customers to be loyal for the long-term.

  1. Great content wins more readers

It is an unsaid rule in content marketing strategy -great content will always create bigger fan base. If you want your brand or website to enjoy a steady and growing fan base, ensure that it peppered with great content that one cannot resist revisiting. Make it so good that no one can ignore it. At Direct Images, the focus is on creating ground breaking content on latest trending topics and those which will reach out to readers in an appealing manner.

  1. Manage reader expectations

It is quite impossible to match the expectations of every customer segment. However, it is possible to satiate the expectations of certain target groups without fail on a regular basis without any interruption.

Moral of the story

Content marketing is not any cake walk. One needs to ensure that he or she puts in much effort to create appealing content that will make readers visit for more featured articles.

Give Your Clothes A Permanent Identity With Clothing Labels

Tired of uniforms or your favorite clothes getting mixed up with others? Ever wondered how to customize your own labels for your clothes? Fret not, as readymade clothing labels that you affix on your clothes with the help of a home iron are available aplenty in the market. These labels made of great quality material is a great way of tagging clothes, napkins, towels, kids wear, uniforms, napkins and much more.


What is clothing labels?

Clothing label is nothing but a tag that helps you identify to whom to the cloth belongs to. They come in the form of easy to fix materials which get stuck to the clothing when pressed upon using a hot iron.

Clothes serve various purposes at various places. In a school it helps achieve uniformity. For a band it helps to identify people of the same crew. No matter what the purpose is clothes of same style and design need to be distinguished so that people don’t intermix their clothing with someone else’s.

Essential features of clothing labels

  • Clothing labels are made of general purpose cloth material that are thin yet durable in nature.
  • They have sufficient space to accommodate two or three lines of text. The space can be adequately used to imprint a name or a brand tagline as per the user requirement.
  • Fonts, colors, designs and much more can be used to customize the final output of Its Mine Clothing Labels.
  • Clothing labels can be used in a variety of industries including hotels, multiplexes, restaurants, etc. to tag napkins, bed linen, hand towels, staff uniform and much more.

Benefits of using clothing labels

  • Highly customizable: For someone who is obsessed about having their own style and way of dressing, clothing labels give a unique way of customizing clothes.
  • They speak for your business: Services can supply their staff and crew members with uniforms affixed with permanent clothing labels which will advertise the contact and offerings of the business everywhere.
  • They are permanent: The great thing about clothing Its Mine Clothing labels is that they are permanent and do not peel off or wear out even after repeated washing.

Author bio: The author is an expert fashion blogger who runs a successful clothing label supplying brand. He favors strongly for brands like Its Mine Clothing labels for their high quality of labels and customizable options.

Replace Your Snacks With Organic Bars To Enjoy Best Health

Now enjoy great health with taste, the snack bars are here.  We all love snacking, but every time we munch on those chips or other snacks, the extra calorie and health hazards related to them ring at the back of our mind. Now nothing more to worry, only because you love to indulge in taste, the pure bars for snacking can give you the best taste and also ensure that it is good for your body. In this stressful lifestyle it has become really important to keep a check on what you eat. Healthy eating habits can not only give you a healthy body but can also ensure that you are able to live life to the full.


The secret of the healthy bars

Now the question comes what makes these bars so healthy and different than all the other similar looking products in the market. The primary difference of these bars which make them really special than any other one in the crowd is that they are completely organic and pure. Only organic materials of the best quality have been used in making these bars, and none of the constituents of these bars can have any kind of harmful effect on your health. Apart from being made from completely organic and pure ingredients, these bars are also nutritionally balanced which means they come with the right percentage of protein, calories, fibers and good fats and this is the reason why they are actually healthy and nutritious for your body.

Get the taste of natural sugar

One more thing that makes these snack bars so healthy is the use of natural sugar. These snacks do not come sweetened with artificial sugar which is not anyway good for your body and skin. These snacks are sweetened through natural sugar which ensures not only the well balanced sweetness but also minimum calorie and no harmful effect on your body or skin. These products are made to provide you the right dose of nutrients and energy so that you can feel well-charged all the day long, without feeling heavy due to consumption of loads of free calories with those chips and sodas.

To provide variety, these bars are available in a number of variations, including grain bars, fruit sandwiches, crispy munches, fruit strips and many more. Simply replace your daily snacks with these healthy organic ones and enjoy best health.

Author Bio: The writer of this blog is an organic food grower who vows for going natural to stay healthy. Connect with him through her personal blog.

Why It Is Important To Buy Car Engine Parts Only From A Reputed Dealer

Every car needs regular maintenance and repairing even if it does not happen to get involved in any accidents. Replacing the older parts with new ones make a part of regular maintenance and repairing because due to continue wear and tear even the best quality engine parts start to deteriorate with time.  So, if you own a car it is most expected that you will have to spend on buying small or big new spare parts for it, once in a while. Whenever you are opting for a new car engine part it is very important that you buy it from a reputed dealer and this article will inform you why it is so important.


Get genuine products: When it comes to buying engine parts, it is only the genuine company made products that can give you the best service. The locally manufactured ones can come for a much lesser price but they can never give you the best service for long, and ultimately it will need you to replace the part quickly again. The reputed car engine part dealers like champion radiators stock and sell only the company manufactured genuine parts that can provide long service without interruption. So, if you want to stay away from the cheap local parts, collect the spare parts only from the best reputed dealers.

Choose from a wide range: The reputed dealers maintain an extensive collection of car engine parts. Irrespective of the make and model of your car engine you can always find the best collection of spare parts from these dealers. So, if you have been looking for a particular part for your vehicle engine for long, the renowned dealers can supply you that part immediately.

Get the best price: Buying a car engine part from a reputed dealer can ensure that you get the original product at the best price. The reputed dealers collect their inventory directly from the manufacturers eliminating the middleman; hence they are able to provide you the products at the most reasonable price. When you buy the spare parts for your car engine from a reputed online store you get the products at even lower price particularly because in this case the dealer saves the cost of maintaining a shop.

Avail warranty: The reputed dealers of car engine parts stock only products from the most reputed brands and they provide manufacturer’s warranty for the products sold through their counter. Hence buying the spare parts for your car engine from a reputed dealer can ensure the best peace of mind for you.

About the author: The writer is an associate of a reputed car parts dealer,Champion Radiators and he also shares a knack for writing. He believes that genuine parts are a must for the best performance of the car engine.

ray ban sunglasses uk Campmor Picks Web Host SAVVIS

Campmor Picks Web Host SAVVIS

According to the three year deal, SAVVIS will provide hosting, storage and network services in support of power Campmor e commerce operations.

SAVVIS hosting and networks services will be fully managed and include 24 hour management and monitoring, security, storage and backup services, in addition to global dial up and off net VPN capabilities for remote employees. The company says its platform flexibility enables customers like Campfor to deploy and manage systems faster than in conventional environments.

our e commerce business continues to grow exponentially, SAVVIS managed hosting and security services ensure the most reliable and secure online shopping experience possible for all Campmor customers, says Erich Eyler, chief technology officer for Campmor. has helped us to improve all of the most critical elements of the e commerce workflow from optimizing customer support services all the way up to managing highly secure online transactions.

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longchamp outlet as well as headed teams that lead business architecture planning and new business model introduction across Cisco.According to the press release

Cloud Provider F5 Networks Buys Application Delivery Network Firm Crescendo

In December, Rackspace selected application delivery network provider F5 Networks BIG IP products as the foundation for its Cloud Connect service.Founded in 2002, Crescendo developed hardware solutions to help organizations address application delivery challenges, including load balancing solutions.F5 Networks provides virtualization such as desktop, file and infrastructure solutions, cloud computing such as infrastructure and storage, and on demand IT solutions for enterprises and service providers.Using an open architectural framework, F5 customers are able to apply business policies at points of control across the IT infrastructure and into the public cloud.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".F5 acquired certain intellectual property and other technology related assets from Crescendo through liquidation proceedings in Israel, where Crescendo Networks had been headquartered. In addition, many of Crescendo key employees are joining F5 office in Tel Aviv.welcome members of Crescendo engineering team to F5 and look forward to enhancing our industry leading ADN solutions with their technology, said Dan Matte, SVP of marketing and business development at F5. particular, Crescendo intellectual property and technical expertise provide compelling layer 7 FPGA capabilities for hardware and security solutions. With this acquisition, F5 will further strengthen its products ability to address both the continuing exponential growth of Internet traffic and the rising number of sophisticated security threats impacting applications. a separate announcement, F5 Network named Jonathan Chadwick the senior vice president and chief financial officer of Skype to its board of directors.Prior to joining Skype, Chadwick served as executive vice president and chief financial officer at security technology firm McAfee before it was acquired by Intel in March.Prior to McAfee, Chadwick spent 13 years in a range of finance roles at Cisco systems, as well as headed teams that lead business architecture planning and new business model introduction across Cisco.According to the press release, the acquisition of Crescendo intellectual property assets is not expected to have a material impact on F5 quarterly financial results, which will be announced on October 25.

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longchamp outlet FORTRUST began offering managed services

FORTRUST Launches Facility Website

new website design and content reflects FORTRUST commitment to providing a superior data center experience for our customers, says FORTRUST CEO Steve Knudson. by website design firm Interactive Division, the new site reflects FORTRUST marketplace position and coincides with the data center consultative and educational approach to helping companies in building data management solutions that meet customers needs.

Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".

The Space pages enable users to browse through various space offerings including cabinets, private suites/cages and private vaults/rooms to decided what solution best fits their company needs. The high resolution photos are also accompanied by full specs.

The new website also features a thorough virtual tour of the data center that helps highlight the data center high operating standards and attention to detail.

The various photos of the colocation areas illustrate how connectivity and electrical wiring are managed as to not impede airflow. Later in the tour, visitors learn more about FORTRUST preventative and predictive maintenance plan that underlie the data center strict operating procedures.

FORTRUST recommendations and analysis of attention to is also detailed in the data center White Paper entitled Data Center High Availability Service Delivery, which is available on the website.

The company white paper releases and announcements are all available on the website, and visitors can also be alerted through FORTRUST RSS feeds.

In May, FORTRUST began offering managed services, enabling customers to outsource the management, monitoring and maintenance of their applications and information systems to the company.

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the north face outlet science or English. The NCAA also increased the minimum high school GPA from 2.0 to 2.3.

Academic Requirements and College Sports Problems

Colleges offer scholarships to the best players in their respective sports. In many cases, these scholarships are viewed as an opportunity for disadvantaged students to attain a college education and even a professional contract. According to the NCAA, roughly three percent of students are enrolled in these programs. Of those three percent, more than 20 percent are football and basketball players. These students often fail because they are expected to perform academically at the same level as their peers although they were unable to do so in high school.

In most cases, as an average college student, you are expected to attend class on a regular basis to receive full credit. This is not the case as an athlete. Athletes are expected to complete the same assignments as non athletes, but are often given more time to do so. Professors are also often more flexible about absences. In many cases, without the proper discipline and guidance, student athletes struggle to keep up. This means that college athletes earn fewer bachelor’s degrees than students in general and often take longer to do so.

As spectators, we rarely think of the total time involved spent practicing, watching film, and traveling to and from away games. At big colleges, teams travel across the country to play, missing valuable class time and assignments. Although rules are in place to limit the number of hours a coach can demand of his players, a survey conducted by the NCAA revealed that Division I A football players spend an average of 44.8 hours per week on their sport, while spending significantly less than 40 on academics.

What’s Being Done About the Problem

There’s still work to be done, but in 2012 the NCAA implemented several new eligibility rules to increase standards and curb the academic problems experienced in athletic departments throughout the country. A high school student must complete a total of 16 core courses prior to graduation and 10 of those courses must be completed before the start of the athlete’s senior year. Seven of those 10 core courses must be in math, science or English. The NCAA also increased the minimum high school GPA from 2.0 to 2.3.

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longchamp outlet located in China.CA Technologies moves into a phase of growth

CA Technologies Names President of Asia Pacific

This is the latest in a series of appointments for CA throughout July. Earlier this month, the company named Andrew Smithas as sales director for public sector business in the UK and Ireland, David Dobson as executive vice president and group executive of customer solutions group, and Phillip Harrington as executive vice president of risk and chief administrative officer.Lim will be responsible for growing CA Technologies business in the AP region, which includes Australia/New Zealand, India, Greater China, Taiwan, Korea and Southeast Asia.The AP operation is key for CA in that it combines first class sales, technical and support teams focused on the needs of local businesses with one of CA Technologies worldwide development centers, located in China.CA Technologies moves into a phase of growth, we are pleased to have an executive of Lionel caliber joining the team, says John Ruthven, general manager and managing director of growth and emerging markets for CA. has 30 years of experience at IT companies in the region, and has proven his ability to drive change, build successful teams, forge outstanding customer relationships and ultimately, grow sales. Lionel addition is good for our customers, our partners and our employees.Prior to joining CA Technologies, Lionel spent 20 years at Sun Microsystems and 10 years at HP.He held a range of management and sales roles, including president and COO of Sun Microsystems Asia Pacific and president of Sun Asia South, Greater China and Japan.

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cheap moncler and enterprise class standards designed to exceed our customers needs both now and in the future

Data Center Firm CyrusOne Buys Land in Arizona for Massive Buildout

The company said the new data center is to bewell suited for Fortune 500 companies on the West Coast that require robust data center infrastructure for mission critical applications and want to locate it in an area that is generally considered one of the safest in the country from natural disasters including seismic activity, tornados, and hurricanes. CyrusOne Phoenix data center will be a marquee facility and one of the most advanced data centers in the industry, featuring energy efficient technology, cutting edge design, and enterprise class standards designed to exceed our customers needs both now and in the future, said Gary Wojtaszek, president of CyrusOne. will continue to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, as we look to expand our West Coast customer base.

CyrusOne will begin construction on the new facility in 2012, where it will become the first company to locate in Continuum, a 152 acre master planned science and technology business park located in the Price Corridor in Chandler.

The company facilities feature power and cooling architectures that are designed with N+1 and 2N parallel redundancies, providing 100 percent uptime with no interruption in service.

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cheap longchamp she followed this with her second album

Chloe Agnew

Chloe Agnew was born on June 9, 1989, in Dublin, Ireland. She is the daughter of Irish pop icon Adele "Twink" King and Irish oboist David Agnew. Chloe may be young but she is already a musical veteran. She made her stage debut at 4 weeks old and sang on her mother’s TV show at the age of 6.

In 1998, Agnew represented Ireland and was the winner of the Grand Prix at the First International Children’s Song Competition in Cairo, Egypt, with a song called "The Friendship Tree". In 1999, she appeared in The Young Messiah, a modern adaptation of Handel’s Messiah. In this production, she played one of the children and performed sign language.

Her big break came at the age of 11 when she approached Musical Director David Downes with the idea of recording a song to raise money for the children of Afghanistan. With his assistance, she recorded "Angel of Mercy" for the album This Holy Christmas Night, which raised over 20,000 pounds for the Afghan Children’s Charity Fund in 2001.

In 2002, at 12 years of age, Agnew was signed to Celtic Collections, and with the backing of Downes she recorded her debut album Chloe. Two years later, in 2004, she followed this with her second album, Walking in the Air. That same year, she appeared as part of the group Celtic Woman at The Helix in Dublin. To date, she has recorded three albums with the group and has taken part in several world tours.

Chloe is not only a brilliant singer and incredibly talented performer, but also a positive role model for young women today.

Don 7 years ago

This girl is a dream come true. I saw her perform on stage last May 4,2007. Her Parents must be so very proud of her. The time and effort she has spent shows so beautifully in her singing and appearance. I only hope she continues. There is no one out there her age that even comes close. Congratulations Chloe for a job well done. Keep it up! We all love you. My favs of her: Panis Angelicus and The Prayer. Her rendition of Panis Angelicus is the most beautiful I’ve seen and heard in my entire life, and I’m 61 years old. I can tell that you a beautiful voice,too. Mis respetos para las dem cantantes pero eres Tiene una calidad interpretativa impecable.

The Chloess voice is very sweet. I have never listened an equal voice. Is beautiful, she is greatest. I admire another singer, but she is the best. The quality of her voice is the only. She has a great future. God bles you.

J William Buckley 7 years ago

We saw the Celtic Women in concert and it was wonderful. I was especially impressed with Chloe. Her voice and command of the stage was astounding. I was shocked to learn she is only 17 years old. Her potential to be great is all there. She also sounds like her life and priorities are all in the right place. She could be a great role model for young women around the world. You go girl!

I’m 14 I love to sing it is my dream. I listen to you chloe and with my i pod i sing with your voice. I just wish I could sing like that may b u will email me.

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cheap the north face have already built a massively scalable platform capable of supporting 50 million users

Freewebs Awarded First Patent

The patented technology allows Internet content providers to dynamically replicate software across Web servers to maintain consistently fast response times while handling large spikes in network traffic brought on by special events, developing news or geographic situations.

The company says the patent, the Method and System for Improving Application Performance Across a Communications Network, is consistent with its goal to the Internet and make Web sites as ubiquitous as email addresses.

have already built a massively scalable platform capable of supporting 50 million users, says Shervin Pishevar, president of Freewebs. we expanding our offerings through new innovations from this new patent to the developments being created by the Freewebs Farms community that will create a better experience for everyone that uses the Internet, large content providers, individuals sharing photos, blogs, music and video on their own Web sites, large and small companies doing business online, and ultimately, anyone who consumes Internet content.

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cheap longchamp but the expansion was much lower than expected due to weak consumer demand.

by Growth Aces in Finances at Isnare

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EUR/USD: Will Greek Reform List Satisfy the EU?By Growth Aces last 3 months agoEUR/USD: Greek Debt Agreement Likely Next WeekBy Growth Aces last 3 months agoGBP/USD: Strong UK Jobs Report Supportive For Our Long PositionBy Growth Aces last 3 months agoEuro Zone Macro Data Are Getting StrongerBy Growth Aces last 3 months agoEUR/USD: Eyes on GreeceBy Growth Aces last 4 months agoGBP/USD Strengthened by BOE Inflation ReportBy Growth Aces last 4 months agoEUR/USD: ECB Sees No Problem With Buying BondsBy Growth Aces last 7 months agoGBP/USD Suffered After BOE Inflation ReportBy Growth Aces last 7 months agoEUR/USD: Some Profit Taking Possible This WeekBy Growth Aces last 7 months agoEUR/USD: Short Again. economic recovery.

FOMC members remain cautious, worried about further growth in the labor market as well as low inflation with slow wage growth weighing on spending. policymakers were generally against removing the word "patient" as it could result in expectations for a rate hike sooner rather than later. Fed officials maintained in the minutes released on Wednesday that a decision on when to raise rates would remain dependent on economic data, though moving too early was cause for concern. inflation to prove transitory, they also said the different measures of expectations needed to be monitored closely.

In its January policy statement, the Fed gave a nod to turmoil in markets across the globe, saying it would take financial and international developments into account. It was the first time since January 2013 that the Fed made an overt reference to overseas economic events in its policy statement.

In our opinion FOMC minutes were much more dovish than widely expected. Let us remind that January Fed statement was interpreted rather as hawkish by the market.

Fed Governor Jerome Powell sked how the central bank plans to manage market expectations when it eventually drops the key "patient" word from its policy statement, said the Fed aims not to surprise investors.

The USD was strengthening before the release of the minutes yesterday and the EUR/USD reached a day low at 1.1335. We got long on the EUR/USD at 1.1370, in line with our strategy. The USD returned its gains against the EUR in the wake of the minutes.

EUR/USD investors are also focused on Greek bailout compromise proposal sent to European creditors. Greece requested a six month extension in its rescue loan agreement without the associated budget measures. Euro zone finance ministers will meet in Brussels on Friday to discuss Greece’s request for an extension of its bailout programme. Imports fell 9% to JPY 7.32 trillion, with a nearly 25% drop in imports of oil and gas.

Exports to the United States rose 16.5% yoy in January, while exports to China, whose economy has been slowing, jumped nearly 21% yoy.

Japan’s government upgraded its outlook for exports, but left its overall economic assessment of a moderate recovery unchanged. The Cabinet Office also raised its view of the employment situation in Japan, but said a weak consumer mindset and consumption could remain a drag on the overall economy.

Japanese Economics Minister Akira Amari said on Thursday that it will take more time for Japan’s economy to escape from chronic trade deficits because of energy imports.

Japan’s economy rebounded from a recession to grow an annualised 2.2% in the final quarter of last year, but the expansion was much lower than expected due to weak consumer demand.

In the monthly Tankan survey, sentiment index for manufacturers rose in February to 11 from 9 in January, led by gains in autos/transport equipment industry. On the other hand the managers complained about the lack of strength in private consumption amid the lingering effects of the tax hike as well as of the subdued external demand. The service sector index rose to 22 from 20 in January. A positive number means optimists outnumber pessimists.

The USD/JPY fell yesterday to a day low of 118.55 as the USD was under pressure of dovish FOMC minutes and pared down expectations of a June Fed rate hike. Good trade data had little impact on the exchange rate. The trade is thin today due to lunar new year holidays.

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cheap longchamp and the facility construction and staffing is expected to create up to 50 new jobs in Western Sydney

Cloud Hosting Firm Rackspace to Open Sydney Data Center in December

A report by PC World indicates that part of the reason for the expansion was to comply with Australia privacy laws, which aim to ensure data can not be accessed by overseas third parties without fulfilling Australian legal obligations.

will not transfer customer owned data from our Australia data center to a law enforcement agency of another country (including the United States) without a customer’s consent unless it is compelled to do so by Australian law, Alan Schoenbaum, general counsel, Rackspace said. hosted in Australia by Rackspace is subject to the same laws as cloud services operated by wholly owned Australian companies."

The high costs of bandwidth in Australia mean Rackspace will have to charge more. Rackspace tells ZDNet that it will have a transparent pricing model around bandwidth to show how much is included.

While Rackspace has focused a lot of momentum around its Open Cloud offerings recently, the Sydney data center will not offer its OpenStack cloud services initially, though the suite will be available in the few months after it goes live in December. At first, managed virtualization and dedicated hosting will be available for customers from the 3,444 square feet of raised floor.

The data center is being built by Digital Realty, and the facility construction and staffing is expected to create up to 50 new jobs in Western Sydney, according to PC World. Rackspace employed 4,528 as of June 30, 2012, according to its quarterly earnings call at the beginning of August.

The Sydney data center adds to Rackspace eight existing facilities in Dallas, Virginia, Chicago, Hong Kong and London.

Rackspace has built the data center to meet LEED Gold standard, according to its website. Recently Equinix received LEED Gold Certification for its Mascot, Sydney data center.

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moncler outlet uk While ACTA has been signed by the US

European Parliament Rejects ACTA in Landslide Vote

With a staggering 478 39 vote against the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement on Wednesday, the European Parliament rejected the controversial agreement, effectively preventing it from becoming law in the EU.

According to a press release, this is the first time that European Parliament exercised its Lisbon Treaty power to reject an international trade agreement.

This vote comes two weeks after the European Trade Committee voted 19 12 against ACTA. The vote acted as a final recommendation to the European Parliament.

While ACTA has been signed by the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Korea and individual EU members, the European Parliament vote on Wednesday is looked at as the final blow to ACTA. As the New York Times points out, the EU represented 27 of the 39 countries that participated in the initial ACTA talks.

ACTA was announced in 2007 to counter the illegal counterfeit goods trade across borders, according to ZDNet.

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Many likened ACTA the international version of SOPA, the US legislation widely protested by Internet users, web hosts, and ISPs.

The same kind of lobbying was apparently taken into consideration when European Parliament was debating whether to give its consent to ACTA.

experienced unprecedented direct lobbying by thousands of EU citizens who called on it to reject ACTA, in street demonstrations, e mails to MEPs and calls to their offices. Parliament also received a petition, signed by 2.8 million citizens worldwide, urging it to reject the agreement, the press release says.

David Martin, ACTA rapporteur, said in a statement that the treaty was too vague, open to misinterpretation and could jeopardize citizens liberties. He says there needs to be an alternative to protect intellectual property in the EU.

Internet lawyer David Snead discussed a number of problems with ACTA in a recent WHIR blog post.

Obama administration has stated that ACTA may be brought into force in the US not as a treaty, but as an executive agreement. In doing so, ACTA may be made law without the approval of the Senate, which is required for treaties. The concern seems to be that because COICA, SOPA and PIPA were so toxic, ACTA might suffer a similar fate if debated in the Senate.

In his blog post, Snead says members of the public interest lobby were included in meaningful ways in the drafting of the treaty. back: What do you think of ACTA? How would it affect your hosting business? Let us know in a comment.

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cheap moncler The move would deepen the relationship established by the two companies four years ago.

BT in Talks to Sell Data Centers to HP

The move would deepen the relationship established by the two companies four years ago.

The agreement, which was first reported by the Sunday Times, will see HP take over 24 of BT data centers in the UK, along with 400 BT employees, while BT will continue to access the facilities under a ten year deal.

In addition to the $2.9 billion cash, BT would get contracts to manage more of HP voice and data network, which it already runs in Europe. The deal would extend its management globally.

Although a more integrated relationship between the two companies raises speculation that they could be heading for a merger in the long term, the Sunday Times says insiders are down the prospect.

BT and HP first agreed to team up four years ago in an effort to win large IT services contracts as the information technology and telecommunications sectors began to merge.

Under the arrangement then, BT took over HP European voice and data networks while HP managed BT IT infrastructure in Britain. Today, HP and BT support each other contract bids and it is believed the two companies will start submitting joint bits for outsourcing contracts more often, according to reports by Forbes.

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cheap the north face anticipate the market price of the web host to be around $336 million.would consider a sale of Strato as good news for the stock as it would reduce Freenet debt load to 1.3 billion euros

Freenet to Sell Web Host Strato

With more than 1.3 million customers in six European countries and over 4 million domains in its care, Strato is easily one of Europe largest web hosts.Analysts at Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg, the parent company of three commercial bank and the Landesbank for some Germany states, anticipate the market price of the web host to be around $336 million.would consider a sale of Strato as good news for the stock as it would reduce Freenet debt load to 1.3 billion euros ($1.85 billion) at the end of FY 2008) and take further uncertainties from the stock, Stefan Borscheid, an analyst for Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg, writes in a note.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".Just last month, United Internet AG subsidiary 1 Internet AG agreed to buy freenet DSL business for $172 million, based on a preferred distribution partnership.At the time, Freenet chief financial officer Axel Krieger said that freenet could sell off more than its broadband operations, and aims to reduce debt through the sales.

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cheap longchamp The answers vary

Accelerated Law School Programs

Introduction to How Accelerated Law School Programs Work

In 2008, Barack Obama became the first African American to be elected as president of the United States. His election broke a long standing racial barrier in American politics. Something you may not have known was he was also a lawyer. That’s not something new.

President Obama is the 25th lawyer to go on to be Commander in Chief, but only the second (the other being Rutherford B. Hayes) to graduate from Harvard Law School [source: Slater]. lawyer presidents graduated from law school. Several were self taught or learned from a mentor before actually practicing law. Two, Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford, went to Yale Law School tying for the most with Harvard. But politics isn’t the only place to find former lawyers.

Some of the most influential people in many professions were once lawyers. Mohandas Gandhi studied in England to become a barrister and passed the bar exam before returning to India. American novelist John Grisham, whose works include "The Client" and "A Time to Kill," is a retired attorney and former talk show host, and Geraldo Rivera, current host of the Fox News show "Geraldo At Large," was an attorney before he became a journalist. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The former First Lady was an advocate attorney before she arrived at the White House in 1992.

As you can see, attorneys often enjoy opportunities most of us can only dream of. You don’t necessarily have to become a lawyer to become president, but it doesn’t hurt. Attorneys also have a reputation for being well paid. Some earn even more, as you’ll see later in this article. So why don’t we have more lawyers?

The answers vary, but one hurdle may be law school. In addition to earning a bachelor’s undergraduate degree, you’ll have to spend more time and money on your education if you want to become a lawyer. If that sounds discouraging, the recent trend of accelerated law school programs may be something you want to consider. traditionally takes three years in addition to earning a bachelors degree and programs vary at different schools. For instance, at Pennsylvania University, students are required to take nine classes their first year and 55 credit hours from a list of classes over their next two. The course work at other law schools is similar even if the classes are offered in semesters or quarters. The bottom line is, it takes seven years of consistent schooling to get your law degree. That trend is changing however, now that several schools are offering accelerated law degree programs.

What if you could get a law degree in just six years? The Columbia Law School in New York City offers an accelerated interdisciplinary legal education (AILE) program that does just that. The AILE program works in conjunction with four year universities around the United States. The program at Columbia is geared toward fast track students. Those seeking admission are required to complete six semesters of full time residence and 85 credit hours or be eligible through the school’s network off affiliated colleges and universities.

Other schools offer similar programs. program geared to award students with their degree in two years. program. Instead of the coursework laid out in six semesters, students earn their law degrees in five.

These programs take a more practical approach to law education. program. In addition, students must have two years of legitimate work experience. program:

Application formUpdated resumeInterviewSuccessful passing of the LSAT or GMATTwo years substantial work experienceTranscriptsThree 500 word essaysThe first class was limited to 40 (37 students were admitted) with 65 spots available in subsequent classes. Of those 37 admitted to the first class, 27 enrolled out of 135 applicants.

Columbia’s program is limited to one or two students from each school participating in the AIEL program (there are 28 schools so far) and accepted juniors matriculate over to the law school to begin that part of the curriculum [source: Occidental College]. Admission requirements are similar and students hoping to enter the AIEL must prepare early in their collegiate career.

With every new and innovative trend comes two sides of support. Rarely do people universally agree on everything. Accelerated law programs are no different. Let’s look at some of the positives and negatives surrounding these programs in the next section. in two years may sound appealing to prospective students, the reality is, the programs are difficult to get into. All 27 of these students had significant work experience, including a financial analyst from Merrill Lynch, a vice president at Deutsche Bank, the president and CEO of Windy City Builders and a lab manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In all, the median experience was six years and the median LSAT score was 170. Clearly it’s tough to get into this program.

Accelerated law programs also have their fair share of detractors. Some people believe the accelerated coursework will not properly prepare students for practicing law in the real world. Along with the argument that these programs are churning out inferior lawyers, students find the accelerated course load is a concern. With less time to stay ahead, students can also fall behind quickly and be unable to catch up. It’s for this reason the Northwestern program requires two years of work history with the thought that students who have managed the daily responsibilities of work will be better prepared to handle the heavy school workload. It’s also been pointed out universities with accelerated programs teach less but make the same amount of money from tuition. and an MBA at the same time. Some schools offer joint degree programs. Georgia State University, for instance, offers a program geared to awarding both a Juris Doctor and a Master of Business Administration in a field of choice. Yale University recently added what it calls an Accelerated Integrated JD MBA program. These programs aren’t abbreviated, though both take three years to complete. The good news is, each program provides a broader education spectrum that could prove valuable in the work place. If you’re going to go through the rigors of law school, why not pick up an MBA on the way if you can?

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cheap moncler Muscles also have big reserves of a complex carbohydrate called glycogen. Glycogen is a chain of glucose molecules. A cell splits glycogen into glucose. Then the cell uses anaerobic metabolism

Exercise and the Glycogen

Exercise and the Glycogen Lactic Acid System

Muscles also have big reserves of a complex carbohydrate called glycogen. Glycogen is a chain of glucose molecules. A cell splits glycogen into glucose. Then the cell uses anaerobic metabolism (anaerobic means "without oxygen") to make ATP and a byproduct called lactic acid from the glucose.

About 12 chemical reactions take place to make ATP under this process, so it supplies ATP at a slower rate than the phosphagen system. The system can still act rapidly and produce enough ATP to last about 90 seconds. This system does not need oxygen, which is handy because it takes the heart and lungs some time to get their act together. It is also handy because the rapidly contracting muscle squeezes off its own blood vessels, depriving itself of oxygen rich blood.

There is a definite limit to anerobic respiration because of the lactic acid. The acid is what makes your muscles hurt. Lactic acid builds up in the muscle tissue and causes the fatigue and soreness you feel in your exercising muscles.

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BrightTALK Hosts Green Data Center Summit Webinar

Attendees will learn the benefits of optimized virtualization, innovative cooling strategies, and tips for energy efficiency and measurement.The presentations will include Center Energy Efficiency: A Call to Action from Jim Hearnden, Green Grid member and enterprise technologist at Dell; Strategies for Green Data Centres from Mark Monroe, director of sustainable computing at Sun Microsystems; the Green Data Centre from Paul D Cruz, data centre business transformation at Cisco; the Cost of Unused Servers $25bn Wasted Each Year from Andy Hawkins, product manager at 1E; Center Cooling Options Begin with Air Water from Don Beaty of ASHRAE; Study: Crisis of Capacity How we went Green from Ralph Wescott, data center services manager at Pacific Northwest National Lab; Virtualization for a Greener Data Center Scott Miller, director of virtualization at World Wide Technology; IT: Save Money the Environment from Jose Iglesias, VP of global solutions at Symantec; and Data Center Disasters: What you need to know from Jim Nelson, president of business continuity services and ICOR.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".Individuals can access the webinar through the BrightTALK player, which can be embedded into websites and blogs. The webcasts can be accessed live and will remain available on demand afterward.BrightTALK offers the technology to webcast events live online, providing an effective business tool for transferring knowledge. Individuals can use BrightTALK to exchange ideas as either a presenter or a viewer with live, interactive access to speakers.

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cheap ray bans 000 square feet and more than 5.5 MW of critical load by early 2012.continued expansion in our Elk Grove facility further strengthens our relationship and demonstrates the great success that ServerCentral has experienced with its own customers

Colocation Firm Server Central Details Plans to Expand Chicago Data Center

The expansion is part of the company effort to meet continued demand for its data center colocation space and cloud services.The first phase of this expansion will add 2,000 square feet of high density space for customers immediately, offering a power and cooling density of over 360 watts per square foot.The second and larger phase of ServerCentral additional build out is scheduled for availability in the first quarter of 2012.enjoyed tremendous success with our data center at the DuPont Fabros facility, and we excited to offer our customers a roadmap for continued high density colocation and cloud growth, said Jordan Lowe, ServerCentral Co founder and CEO.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".This will mark the third time ServerCentral has increased its floor space within the facility since it opened in April of 2009.At the time, Server Central signed a long term lease for 10,000 square feet of raised data center space of the facility total 221,000 square feet.When complete, this will bring its total footprint to over 40,000 square feet and more than 5.5 MW of critical load by early 2012.continued expansion in our Elk Grove facility further strengthens our relationship and demonstrates the great success that ServerCentral has experienced with its own customers, said Hossein Fateh, president and CEO of DuPont Fabros Technology.

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michael kors outlet uk Cyberguard Acquires Webwasher for

Cyberguard Acquires Webwasher for

Under the agreement, Cyberguard will pay $40 million in cash and Cyberguard shares for Webwasher and up to an additional $10 million on a contingent basis for all of the shares of Webwasher.

this fast growing secure content management company clearly shows that we are executing on our strategic vision of becoming a broad based security company focused on delivering solutions aimed at Global 1000 companies and government customers around the world, says Pat Clawson, chairman and chief executive officer of CyberGuard. is the number one Web filtering provider in Germany and holds 40 percent of the market in Central Europe. In addition to enhancing our security offering, this acquisition shows our commitment to growth and expansion in key world markets the US, Germany and Japan. said it expects the acquisition will add to the company earnings. Read More

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cheap longchamp as ISPs will not peer with anyone without a legitimate reason. These hijacks and miner redirections would not have been possible without peer to broadcast routes. Although BGP hijacking is possible

83K in Bitcoins by Hijacking Traffic Directed at Large Hosting Companies

A hacker repeatedly hijacked traffic headed for networks belonging to large hosting companies including Amazon, Digital Ocean, and OVH, redirecting cryptocurrency miners’ connections to collect $83,000 over four months this year.

This is according to researchers at Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit, who documented 51 compromised networks from 19 different Internet service providers (ISPs) from February to May 2014.

"Several users in this forum and other cryptocurrency forums noticed similar activity mining systems mysteriously redirected to an unknown IP address that answered with the Stratum protocol," the researchers said. "Once connected to this IP address, miners continued to receive work but no longer received block rewards for their mining efforts. Hijackers harnessed miners hashing power by redirecting legitimate mining traffic destined for well known pools to a malicious server masquerading as the legitimate pool."

Researchers believe the attacks went unnoticed since the hijacker only redirected traffic in small bursts.

Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".

A report by InformationWeek’s DarkReading said that it was believed that the hacker would have needed administrative rights to hijack BGP routes and redirect the mining, so it was likely a former employee of an ISP. The researchers traced the malicious BGP announcements to a single router at a Canadian ISP, the report said.

Former employees can cause security headaches for companies if they aren’t offboarded properly. Last year, a former HostGator employee was charged for installing backdoor to access 2,700 servers.

"BGP peering requires that both networks be manually configured and aware of one another," researchers said. "Requiring human interaction for proper configuration makes BGP peering reasonably secure, as ISPs will not peer with anyone without a legitimate reason. These hijacks and miner redirections would not have been possible without peer to broadcast routes. Although BGP hijacking is possible, the overall threat is minimal."

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6 Tips to building a better Cross

: 6 Tips to building a better Cross cut Sled for your Tablesaw A cross cut sled for the table saw is a must have jig for any serious woodworker. So, if you are an "A" type personality like I tend to be, you may find this website bot.A cross cut sled for the table saw is a must have jig for any serious woodworker. More accurate than a miter gauge, it also makes cross cutting any board easy and safe. However, in order to provide the proper results it must be built with care. I made my first sled last year, following a plan in a popular woodworking magazine. Yet, in a matter of months, the maple runners swelled so much that the sled wouldn’t slide in the miter slots. That’s when my type "A" personality kicked in and I became determined to learn all I could about the ins and outs of building a cross cut sled that would last. That research forms the basis for the tips and techniques presented in this instructable. And, while I can’t take credit for any of these great ideas, I think you will find the insights of some very talented woodworkers helpful.The runners ride in the two miter slots and guide the sled as the workpiece is pushed past the blade. They are most often made from hardwood such as maple or white oak, however, steel, aluminium or plastic runners are also options. Wood runners are more commonly suggested, most likely, because of the moderate cost. The disadvantage of wood runners is that the wood can swell with changes in humidity making smooth travel through the miter slots difficult or impossible.Tip 1: Since most wood movement is with the grain, mill the sled runners with the grain running vertically as shown in the photo. This will minimize or eliminate side to side expansion of the runner in the miter slot.Miter slots can vary slightly in size but most are 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep. Most plans call for milling the runners for a snug yet smooth sliding fit with no side to side play (also called slop). However, if the runner width swells too much it can become a problem and, as I mentioned, this is where I ran into trouble with my first sled. The good news: Tip number two allows some wiggle room when milling the runners to width. I liked the fact that it allowed me to mill runners to fit the miter slots with a little play in them. When the halves are pulled together the runners both press on the blade side of the miter slots providing a smooth, accurate slide to the sled. The benefit as I saw it was that now I didn’t have to worry about the runners ever binding in the slots, which can happen when you mill them for a snug, sliding fit as recommended in traditional sled designs.

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moncler outlet uk CSC Names Managed Services Executive

CSC Names Managed Services Executive

The announcement follows CSC recent appointment of Leif Ulstrup to president of the Federal Consulting Practice for the company North American Public Sector line of business.In this position, Allen will serve as a senior executive to sponsor and deploy CSC growth strategies related to market positioning, major account development and strategic pursuits.He will report to MSS president Russ Owen, and MSS president of global sales and marketing David Booth.Allen joins CSC from sourcing data and advisory firm TPI, where he served as partner and managing director. In this position, he was responsible for the advisory operations of TPI CFO Services Advisory team, directing the TPI Index, and providing council to senior executives across its TPI clients.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".He also served as one of TPI key thought leaders and frequently spoke at industry events as an expert on technology and sourcing trends.Allen has also served as president and CEO of Data Dimensions, a Y2K consulting and infrastructure/applications outsourcing company.Before this, Allen worked for CSC in different roles in the company US federal and commercial outsourcing operations.extensive expertise in account development and new business growth, Peter is an ideal addition to our managed services team, says Owen. brings a tremendous amount of insight into the competitive landscape and will serve as a focal point for enabling CSC growth agenda.

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